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(Dated: 22nd July, 2010 at Karachi Press Club)
World Examination Services offer educational services to all over the world without any discrimination of religion, colour, caste or creed. There are different scholarships available worldwide for non-affording students who have excellent academic records.
In 2005 World Examination Services was established, inspired by Hamilton Naki an unrecognized surgeon of South Africa, in apartheid era.
Hamilton Naki
Hamilton Naki an unrecognized surgical pioneer, died on May 29th, aged 78.
ON DECEMBER 3rd, 1967, the body of a young woman was brought to Hamilton Naki for dissection. She had been knocked down by a car as she went to buy a cake on a street in Cape Town, in South Africa. Her head injuries were so severe that she had been pronounced brain-dead at the hospital, but her heart, uninjured, had done on furiously pumping.

Mr.Naki was not meant to touch this body. The young woman, Denise Dan/all, was white, and he was black. The rules of the hospital, and indeed the apartheid laws of the land, forbade him to enter a white operating theatre, cut white flesh, or have dealings with white blood. For Mr.Naki, however, the Groote Schuur Hospital has made a secret exception. This black man, with his steady, dexterous hands and razor-sharp mind, was simply too good at the delicate, bloody work of organ transplantation. The chief transplant surgeon, the young handsome, famously temperamental Christian Barnard, had asked to have him on his team. So the hospital had agreed, saying as Mr.Naki remembered, "Look, we are allowing you to do this, but you must know that you are black and that's the blood of the white. Nobody must know what you are doing."


Nobody, indeed, knew. On the December day, in one part of the operating suite, Barnard in a blaze of publicity prepared Louis Washkansky, the world's first recipient of a transplanted human heart. Fifteen meters away, behind a glass panel, Mr. Naki's skilled black hands plucked the white heart from the white corpse and, for hours, hosed every trace of blood from it, replacing it with Washkansky's. The heart, set pumping again with electrodes, was passed to the other side of the screen, and Mr. Barnard became, overnight, the most celebrated doctor in the world.


In some of the post-operation photographs Mr. Naki inadvertently appeared, smiling broadly in his white coat, at Barnard's side. He was a cleaner, the hospital explained, or a gardener. Hospital records listed him that way, though his pay, a few hundred dollars a month, was actually that of a senior lab technician. It was the most they could give, officials later explained, to someone who had no diploma.

There had never been any question of diplomas. Mr. Naki, born in the village of Ngcangane in the windswept Eastern Cape, had been pulled out of school at 14, when his family could no longer afford it. His life seemed likely to be cattle herding, barefoot and in sheepskins, like many of his contemporaries. Instead, he hitch-hiked to Cape Town to find work, and managed to land a job tending lawns and rolling tennis courts at the University of Cape Town Medical School.

A black, even one as clever as he was, and as immaculately dressed, in a clean shirt, tie and Homburg hat even to work in the gardens - could not expect to get much further. But a lucky break came when, in 1954, the head of the animal research lab at the Medical School asked him for help. Robert Goetz needed a strong young man to hold a giraffe while he dissected its neck to see why giraffes did not faint when they drank. Mr. Naki coped admirably, and was taken on: at first to clean cages, then to hold and anaesthetize the animals, then to operate on them.

Stealing with his eyes

The lab was busy, with constant transplant operations on pigs and dogs to train doctors, eventually, for work on humans. Mr. Naki never learned the techniques formally; as he put it, "I stole with my eyes”. But he became an expert at liver transplants, far trickier than heart transplant, and was soon teaching others. Over 40 years he instructed several thousand trainee surgeons, several of whom moved on to become heads of departments. Bernard admitted - though no until 2001, just before he died - that Mr. Naki was probably technically better than he was, and certainly defter at stitching up afterwards.


Unsung, though not unappreciated, Mr. Naki continued to work at the Medical School until 1991. When he retired, he drew a gardener's pension: 760 rand, or about $275, a month. He exploited his medical contacts to raise funds for a rural school and a mobile clinic in the Eastern Cape, but never thought of money for himself. As a result, he could pay for only one of his five children to stay to the end of high school. Recognition, with the National Order of Mapungubwe and an honorary degree in medicine from the University of Cape Town, came only a few years before his death, and long after South Africa's return to black rule.

He took it well. Bitterness was not in his nature, and he had had years of training to accept his life as apartheid had made it. On that December day in 1967, for example, as Barnard played host to the world's adoring press, Mr. Naki, as usual, caught the bus home. Strikes, riots and road blocks often delayed it in those days. When it came, it carried him - in his carefully pressed suit, with his well-shined shoes-to his one-room shack in the township of Langa. Because he was sending most of his pay to his wife and family, left behind in Transkei, he could not afford electricity or running water. But he would always buy a daily newspaper; and there, the next day, he could read in banner headlines of what he had done, secretly, with his black hands, with a white heart.
The Credit Bank Service:

Not everyone but lots of people have very complicated educational histories. They may have taken classes at several different schools, institutions, colleges and universities. Taken some courses, evening classes, seminars, military training but due to one or the other reason were unable to complete their studies due to financial problems or they were unable to pay the dues. With the passage of time they are now in position to pay, but those institutions are closed or refused to acknowledge them as student due to management changeover or lost of record. The Credit Bank works like many banks except that you deposit academic credits as they are earned, whether through local or foreign courses, correspondence courses, equallency education and so forth.


World Examination Services Credit Bank specialized panel of officials, conduct an oral, written or in case of performers, performance examination. They may wish to inspect a portfolio of writing art or some other sorts of documentation. Following the evaluation, whatever form it may take the panel makes the recommendations for the amount of credit to be given. This has been in practice ranged from zero to x credit or which varies from student to student. A person working 20 years for an organization as specialist chef or a painter but no credentials of certification. A simple B.Sc with Maths working for 12 years in IT Department may be recommended for B.S (04 Years) with minimum 50% Advance Credit Standing or Examination as per guidelines set by Higher Education Commission or may varies from university to university.

You or your generation could be - if you do not change your attitude.
Four years on, Sharon still comatose and without a clear legacy
January 6, 2010
The former leader is unlikely to recover from a stroke, writes Jason Koutsoukis in Tel Aviv.
Four years after a massive stroke that has rendered him unconscious, the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon now breathes unassisted. He lies motionless in a two-bed private room at the 18-bed Sheba Medical Centre, a long-term care facility at the Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv that specializes in the rehabilitation of comatose patients.

A team of nurses keeps moving his body to prevent pressure sores, and an extra nurse is on duty 24 hours a day to monitor him.

Mr Sharon, 81, is fed through a tube. Once famous for his sizeable girth, he has suffered extensive tissue deterioration and now weighs about 50 kilograms. Every day at least one of his two sons, Omri and Gilad, visits him and at night he is fitted with an oxygen mask, more as a precaution than as a necessity. Caring for Mr Sharon costs taxpayers about $400,000 a year.
Sometimes his eyelids will open suddenly, and can stay open for hours at a time. It is one of the signs that keep those close to him hoping he may recover.

But according to doctors familiar with Mr Sharon's condition and his care, the former giant of Israeli military and political life has no chance of recovery.

"His brain is about the size of a grapefruit," says a hospital manager who has been continually involved with his care, and who declined to be named. "The part of the brain that keeps his body functioning, his vital organs, is intact, but beyond that there is nothing, just fluid. Our instinct is to provide hope, and to say that because he is alive there is a chance he will wake up - but this is never going to happen."

Even former close associates concede that the chances of a recovery are extremely low. "He is still strong," says his former chief-of-staff Dov Weisglass. "We hope, of course, that things will be different, but a recovery does not seem very possible. Nevertheless, we remain very focused on his care, as a former prime minister of the state of Israel."  Mr Sharon, who became prime minister early in 2001, suffered a brain haemorrhage on January 4, 2006 and was admitted to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.
After several rounds of surgery and recovery from pneumonia, he was transferred to the Sheba Medical Centre at the Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv in May 2006, where he has remained.

Whatever the prospects of his making a recovery, one thing that is certain is that his family will not consent to removing the feeding tubes.

In the meantime, debate rages about Mr Sharon's long-term legacy. A forceful military leader whose career in the Israel Defence Forces was marked by controversy, he moved to politics in 1973 as a member of Menachem Begin's Likud party.

As defence minister during the 1982 Lebanon war, Mr Sharon was found to have borne some personal responsibility for the massacre of up to 2000 Palestinians by Lebanese Christian militias in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps.

A hero of the expansionary Israeli right wing, he is now regarded as a traitor by many on the right as the man who drove Israel's withdrawal of 9000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip.

By taking on the settler movement in Gaza he paved the way for possible withdrawal of settlers from the much larger West Bank territory, an issue the present Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is now having to grapple with.

"There is no question that the settler movement was on its knees under Sharon," says David Landau, a former editor-in-chief of the daily Haaretz and also of The Jerusalem Post, who is now writing a biography of Sharon to be published by Alfred A. Knopf next year.

"They were a demoralized force; they had essentially lost the battle of public wills," Landau told the Herald.

"But as time elapses, the more the settler movement has been able to recover, for a variety of complex reasons, and we stand again today as a nation at a cross roads, trying to make a decision with respect to appropriate territorial borders.

"I think what we are witnessing today, as the settler movement regroups and reasserts its power within Israeli society, is a political tragedy.

"This is tragedy that has so far been compounded by politicians who have so far suffered from a failure of nerves. Until this is resolved I think Sharon's legacy is to a degree undecided."

Everybody needs Education:
Its almost 63 years, we now need to change. The President of PAKISTAN need to sit with common man whose children should attend local schools as a pre-requisite. The military leadership needs to mingle with people to show they care about people, not to control them only. The religious leaders need to change their behavior as well for good of the society. Streamline their cur riculum to modern days. We must honour our national heros.

If you are educated then only you can you understand God commands, good and bad, deed results today. For some nations every victory is not last victory but single defeat is the end of nation. Learn your religion and be honest with your country, talk sense and live a moderate life.


The biggest mafia in PAKISTAN is beggars and some foreign NGOs who are involved in bribing, prostitution, smuggling, drugs, informers and terrorism. The revenue generated by this mafia is in such a volume that from bureaucrats to politicians, from feudal lords to religious leaders all are benefited and are part and parcel. Secondly some of the foreign NGOs are headed by the former Intelligence agency of their respective country which are equally participating in the unrest and are achieving their aims, objectives and target.


Majority of Pakistani got education in U.S are from the middle class family, and are in search for better future for themselves and their families. The scholarship and sponsored students were the lucky one. The economic affairs division of Government of Pakistan as been always distributing these scholarships to dear and near ones -exceptional cases or stray may exist. The people of U.S have welcomed us like their own sons and daughters with a very humble down to earth attitude that is why with their support we are educated. We only land there with 1st semester fee and some amount hardly to meet our ends, doing odds jobs and completing our studies. Many outstanding students got good jobs and gradually integrated into U.S society.


We had passed many hardship during student life, never had enough money to buy food for two meals (lunch & dinner). God bless U.S visa officials who granted student visa to our students even though they found that they are not financially strong, but they had strong sense of judgment that they are brilliant and honest although not financially strong. On the other hand, WEST always offers corrupt people and their families to create more debts and loans to nation.


Local private universities charters were given to rich and corrupt, exceptional cases are there. None of the educationist has been given the charter.


In 1997 efforts were made to establish California State University Los Angeles Campus/Study Centre in PAKISTAN, but was not supported/encouraged by the officials of Government of PAKISTAN, University Grant Commission and others. This university system has 24 campuses all over the State of California and it is a State own University


Institutions having litigation on name in Sindh High Court awaiting judgment. There is no one who can understand how important they are Ref No:226/2004.


Government servant wife and children are suffering for last 30 years to get possession of plot No. D-59/A Scheme 7 near Gillani Railway Station Karachi on 02-01-1981 by Pakistan Railway Cooperative Society Karachi allotted to their deceased Railway employee and are running from pillar to post to get their right and justice from Railway Department. Justice delayed is justice denied.

People bring technology and they are not entertained just because officials do not get kickback Reference No.MS(PM)-4/90 dated 20-12-1990 They don't want to develop local industry, kept on importing. J.F Thunderbird may have been developed 20 years back.
Special technical cell decided in 80's localization of Suzuki vehicles that the entire body excluding engine and transmission is not economically viable to manufacture locally and declared 30% of the total parts and components to be kept on import and rest body and other parts 70% to be developed locally. Later on the leader became university rector.

Some of us were educated from Non-Chartered U.S Universities, we are grateful to the pioneers. An Eminent scholar once said 'These private business schools are nonsense". But today he himself works for private university. With these credentials we have to uplift our selves from renowned American institution such as Cal State University USC, MIT and many others. But we are proud to say from where we started. But the fact is the U.S Embassy does endorse those transcripts and diplomas (Degree) offered by those non-credited institutions. More important that they were given NOC by Education Department reference NOC No.OSD(HE)7/200/81-85. Chief Justice must take notice against the concerned authorities as more than million students have been educated from these institutions.


Getting approval from University Grant Commission (UGC) later Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Local Provincial Assembly is not honey and milk. It all cost money. Strong amendments and implementations of the Charter of Engineering Council and other councils and agencies are required.


We will work with all universities irrespective of private or state universities, helping and assisting students in admissions, credit evaluation, overseas campuses setup, coordination with HEC for speedy attestation, International Accreditation for universities and much more.

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