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Option for Earning Credential :
Tests of General Education Development (12 years of education):
The Tests of General Education Development (GED) measure the outcome of a four-year program of secondary school education, (9th , 10th , 11th, 12th ) and serve to provide an alternative to achieving a high school equivalency credential for those individuals who have not completed a traditional high school program.
The 12 year of education Test is available at minimum cost to military personnel. Recognized throughout the Pakistan as a valid indicator of achievement by educators and employers, the 12years of education credential will increase education and employment opportunities.
Arm Forces Service members Opportunity Colleges (AFSOC):
Arm Forces Service members Opportunity College (AFSOC) consortium colleges and universities are dedicated to helping Service members and their families to earn college degrees. Military man/woman can take courses in their off-duty hours at or near military installations, overseas, and on Navy ships.
Service Members Opportunity Colleges for Arm Forces Degree (SMOCAFD):
SMOCAFD is a system of college curriculum networks designed by AFSOC for Army Soldiers and their adult family members. Networks consist of groups of colleges and universities that have agreed to accept each other's courses in a particular program of study. Students can move freely among the colleges in a network without being reevaluated or worrying about whether or not courses will transfer. The bachelor's and Master degree programmes in various discipline.
SMOCCAFD colleges provide students with the opportunity to complete college degrees without losing credit because of frequent changes in duty station. Curricula, or courses of study, are offered by colleges and universities on or accessible to most Army installations Nationwide.
A Soldier can take advantage of the SMOCAFD network system by contacting a WES. The WES Education Counselor helps the Soldier with program selection, tuition assistance, and referral to a SMOCAFD college or university.
Program Components:
Limited academic residency.
SMOCAFD colleges and universities require no more than 25% of a degree program in residence at the home college, and courses taken from the college anywhere in the country at any time during study for a degree to count toward residency.
A formal agreement between college and student.
Soldiers are required to have a Student Agreement (SA) or documented degree map in place by the end of their second class taken at the home college. The Student Agreement, or documented degree map, lists classes that will advance a Soldier toward a degree. It includes appropriate credit for previous college courses, nontraditional learning,
Credit transfer guarantees.
Colleges and universities guarantee to accept in transfer courses listed in the transferability tables of the SMOCAFD and college and counselors. Listed courses are transferred among network colleges and universities without course-by-course prior approval for individual students. Colleges and universities also guarantee to accept college-level General Education elective courses in specified course areas. These guarantees are in effect only when a Student Agreement has been issued and only for transfer back to the home college.
Three program-delivery options.
Soldiers can complete degrees at colleges and universities with courses offered in classroom settings, via distance learning, or by learning assessment. Students can combine these options in completing courses outlined in their Student Agreements.
Completion after military service.
Soldiers can complete degrees and certificates/diplomas after leaving the Arm Force as well
Arm Forces Career Degrees (AFCD) takes SMOCAFD to a new level of degree specificity. Degree programs are matched to Military Occupational Specialties (MOS)/Career Management Fields (CMF). The degrees are occupation-based Master and Bachelor-level college degrees that uniquely relate to MOS skills, contain specific college courses that match MOS/CMF competencies, and maximize credit for military experience and training in order to minimize additional college study.
Because many Soldiers decide to make the Army their career near the end of their first enlistment, the program option will be presented to them upon graduation from Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Army Career Degrees provide Soldiers credible ways to complete college while making the Army their career. Army Career Degree plans also help Soldiers transition into related civilian occupations after completing active service.
Program Components:
1. Matched to OS. The programs are matched to technical Occupational Specialties.
2. Early degree completion. Potential for early degree completion exists.
3. Maximized credit for military training and experience. The selected college degree plans provide the optimum in accommodating credit recommendations for military training and experience. The home college or university has established pre-negotiated acceptance and recommended credit for specific curriculum/OS combinations.
4. Detailed degree map. Each degree map includes a complete enumeration of degree requirements and options for meeting them (traditional courses, distance learning courses, AIT, Noncommissioned Officer Education System, and other Army and Defences school courses, OS, standardized tests, licensure, and certification).
5. Easy-to-meet academic residency requirements. The home college or university provides academic residency requirement solutions. At a minimum, residency can be completed through distance learning.
6. Three program-delivery options. Soldiers can complete programs via distance learning. Degrees may also be completed with courses offered in classroom settings or by learning assessment.
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