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Armed Forces Support Programs :
Active duty Service members will have several programs designed to help them to achieve their educational goals. One of the first places you can turn to is DAFIES - the Defense Activity for Formal and In-formal Education Support by W.E.S. DAFIES can help you reach your goals as quickly and economically as possible.
Select any of the following to learn more about DEFIES and other military education support programs:
Credit -by-Examination Program – Exams that are worth college credit.
Distance Learning Program – Support for more flexible course delivery.
Armed Forces Program – College Credit for armed force service.
Service members Opportunities that support armed forces students, cadets and officials.
DEFIES – WES Certification Program – Support for certification courses and examinations.
Work Study – To explore possibility for retired officials to earn extra cash while going to school.
Apprenticeship and On-The-Job Training – An underused program to help supplement their income while in job training programs.
Licensing and Certification – Qualify for choice of your professional exams.
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